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Municipal elections 2021




In my city, decisions are made sustainably and far-reachingly.

Invest in preventive action and assess long-term effects in all decision-making. Through my own work, I want to promote investment in well-being, education and security. 


It is always profitable to invest in education. There must be sufficient investment in healthy school buildings and students must feel safe going to school. After compulsory school, everyone should have an opportunity to continue studying at the second stage. In schools, there must be sufficient varying support for the students, so that everyone can complete their education. It is important that there are a sufficient number of school counselors and school psychologists close to the students.


Turku aims to be Finland's best study city by 2029 and this is something that requires investment. Turku should invest in good cooperation with the universities as they affect the municipality's attractiveness and future access to labor. Through long-term decision-making, you can get more students to stay here even after they have graduated.

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Investments in the well-being of young people are a prerequisite for sustainable society development. If young people become burnt out or suffer from mental illness, they will not be able to work in the future.


It should be easy to get care with a low threshold when you need it and the investments should be at the preventive level. It is always better to invest in well-being at a preventive stage than only afterwards when the problems have become bigger.


Physical well-being supports mental well-being. Turku should create opportunities for everyone to easily exercise and have an opportunity for meaningful leisure. All young people should be able to have a hobby that they enjoy as it reduces the risk of exclusion.


All children must have a safe childhood. Turku should be a pioneer in creating a functioning network for families where they invest in preventive work and support at an early stage before problems become big. We should invest in e.g. outreach youth work, sufficient resources for child protection and effective cooperation between authorities.

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